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Me&myPooch Dance

Did you know there is a Canine Dance competition?  You and your dog dance together.  As a dog and dance lover, it was so exciting to watch IAMS Canine Show in Chicago that the memory is still vivid.  Dog dancing was so amazingly cute, but I felt their master's dance needed help!   

This is where my love of dance and animals kicked in and DanceWakeForest was born adding "Me&myPooch Dance".

Choreography can be aligned with your dog's movements and ability, and a little bit of pro dancer's assist can enhance artistic and physical enjoyment greatly.   Your dog doesn't have to be able to do a lot of complicated tricks, but your movement can add flair!   Note: I don't teach your dogs tricks, but work on your dance.  

Enjoy Me&myPooch Dance lesson with you and your dog.  Also, you're welcome to invite your friends, neighbors, relatives, coworkers and their dogs.  Show off what you've learned rom "Me&myPooch Dance" privately or in public.  Or take it further beyond to the competition. 

Rate is $60/hour, including up to five human participants and seven dogs. Check the location.   Traveling to your house can be arranged by request.  

Contact me by e-mail or call at 252-414-8325 for further information. 
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2513 Canonbie Lane, Wake Forest, NC 27587  Tel: 252-414-8325

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