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Private lessons including Dog Dance are held at DanceWakeForest is located at 2513 Canonbie Lane, Wake Forest NC 27587 and offers group lessons at Joyner Park Community Center.

Mobile: 252-414-8325

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Instructor Bio

Chikako, a life-long learner of ballroom dancing.  An avid social dancer with a refined technique and deep dance repertories.  With over 25 years of ballroom dancing studying under national level instructors, including 12 years of teaching experience, she is able to help others how to dance.   Not only can she have her students feel comfortable on the dance floor, but also how to create beauty by motion with music………AND, most importantly, fun of dancing and socializing.  


A Japan native, from athletic family.  Some of her relatives are former Japan #3 ballroom dance competitors and other relatives are also fine athletes.


Chikako is an International Business Excellence Award winner. She approaches ballroom dancing and teaching with the same level of passion and tenacity. Sharing the fun of dancing, meeting and helping people is her mission.  

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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