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Welcome to DanceWakeForest

ABOUT DanceWakeForest

DanceWakeForest offers a wide range of Ballroom Dances - Tango, Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Rumba, ChaCha, Salsa, Country Two-Step, Night Club Two-Step, Viennese Waltz, Quick Step...    Ballroom Line Dancing is also an additional option for enjoyment and refining technique. 
Special Occasion Dances for Weddings, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Birthday....

From total novice to fairly advanced level dancers, DanceWakeForest is for everyone who wants to enjoy movement with music, partnership and meeting people.   

Depending on your goal, technique can be emphasized to create beauty and grace with good music interpretation.

Totally unique dance lesson.  Check out Me&myPooch Dance, dancing with dogs, friends and their dogs.   

Dance First, Think Later.   Join dancing with or without partners and meeting people.   There are many opportunities to dance in the Triangle area.   Start learning and dancing today!  Contact to register or for further information.  
Ballroom Dance 

Let's learn Ballroom Dancing with a building block approach. 

Get basics of Tango, Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Rumba, ChaCha, Salsa to feel comfortable on the floor.  Then,  more steps and work on technique, and then...


Country Two-Step, Night Club Two-Step, Viennese Waltz, Quick Step…


Ballroom Tango Waltz Latin Dance Salsa Swing Country
Wedding Dance 

On your Special Day, Special Dance just for two of you, First Dance.

Also, what is becoming popular is:

Father&Daughter  AND            Mother&Son 

              wedding dances. 


Wedding Dance First Dance
Special Occasion Dance

      Special Dance for two of you.  Valentines' Day, Birthday, Anniversary.  Learn dance with your music and enjoy.   


Dance Gift

Give your loved ones special and unique gift on:    


               Valentine's Day




Dance gift for Christmas
Dance gift for Valentines Day
Me&myPoochDog Dance

Attention to Dog and Dance lovers!   

First time in the Triangle area, "Dog Dance" is offered. There is a world Dog Dance competition held at various locations.   



CONTACT DanceWakeForest

2513 Canonbie Lane, Wake Forest, NC 27587  Tel: 252-414-8325

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